Facilities: Blagnac (France)

Duration: 6 months

Beginning date expected: March/April 2018


Emaneo is hiring for its client ATR.



Toulouse, Southern France based turboprop aircraft manufacturer ATR is the world leader in the market for regional aircraft up to 90 seats. Established in November 1981, ATR is a joint partnership between two major European aeronautics players: Airbus and Leonardo.
ATR has sold more than 1,500 aircraft and has over 200 operators in more than 100 countries.
Every 8 seconds, an ATR turboprop takes off or lands somewhere around the world.



Activity domain: Stability & Control (flight physics)


In ATR aircraft, there is no fly by wire system. The pilot controls are mechanically linked to the control surfaces. The auto pilot controls dedicated servomotors which actuate the same mechanical links.

ATR Flight Mechanics & Loads department (EFF) is investigating the possibilities of implementing manual flight control laws solution on our ATR aircraft simulation platform. This is also an opportunity to add a Pilot In the Loop model to its current flight mechanics tool.

The objective of the internship is to define, test and validate flight control laws with an efficient Pilot In the Loop model.

As part of this internship, your main tasks will be to perform:

  • Literature review on
    • The control laws used in current aircraft
    • The certification/airworthiness regulations pertaining to flight control laws
  • Stability analysis to understand the different natural aircraft modes in the flight domain
  • Propose a manual flight control law adapted to ATR specifities – longitudinal axis
  • Test and validate the proposed control law on aircraft simulation tool OSMA
  • Propose a control law architecture for specific manoeuvres to emulate a Pilot In the Loop
  • If times permits, perform the above three steps on lateral axes



You are currently preparing a masterdegree (in Aeronautic school) or you are currently doing a gap year while your masterdegree in the aerospace, flight mechanics, automatic control, control systems domain. You can show the next skills and abilities:

  • Hard skills: stability & control, control laws robustness, aerodynamics
  • Soft skills: autonomous, team player
  • IT skills: Matlab, Python, Ms-Office
  • Language skills: English advanced
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